Health, Safety, & Environmental

NTACT Operations' success is a direct resultof our committment to providing an "Injury Free" work environment where we operate all of our facilities and projects in a safe and efficient manner, and in compliance with all applicable health, safety and environmental regulations. Our goal is to provide a work environment where facilities and projects are free of recognized hazards; and people, equipment and the environment are not placed at risk of injury or damage.

NTACT's employees are our most vital asset. We care about every individual’s safety and health. While quality and productivity are critical to our operations, they will never take precedence over the safety of personnel or protection of the environment.

Our management team holds itself responsible for recognizing, anticipating and analyzing the known and potential hazards of each project and to provide education, personal protective equipment (PPE) and leadership to eliminate those hazards and conditions at all construction sites. Our Health, Safety and Environmental Manual serves as an excellent tool for accident prevention.

All NTACT employees are trained to look for unsafe practices and conditions and correct the situation before it becomes a safety hazard. If an unsafe or hazardous condition arises during any work process, all NTACT employees are empowered and encouraged to “stop work”. Proper training, coupled with continuous communication between management and supervision ensures our capability to provide a safe working environment.

NTACT works closely with our customers to share awareness of one another’s safety policies and procedures to maintain safety for all. All NTACT employees are expected to follow these policies and procedures as well as provide input on how to improve them.

Safety is a priority for all NTACT employees whether they are on or off the job site.